Night sky group

We are the Night Sky Group. As an IT solutions provider, a digital marketing and a travel and tourism company
that brings to the table a wealth of talent in creating strategic solutions for diverse industries,
we understand just how potent the mix of creativity and technical knowledge is.

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About Us

Our special expertise in IT solutions, tourism and strategic objectives of numerous industries has only further sensitized us to the importance
of this game-changing combination, and game-changers are exactly what we aim to be. With our highly talented team of diverse
backgrounds, we reach out from our base in Colombo to clients and partners throughout Sri Lanka, and beyond.

Our Philosophy

Imagine a galaxy - the breathtaking beauty of stars and planets pulsating in their vibrant hues, the mathematical perfection of their cosmic dance, the solitary yet intricately interconnected nature of each and every component of the whole. This, in a nutshell, is the best way to visualize our organisation and our operating philosophy. We strive to create things of great beauty and elegance that are, at the same time, outstanding and unparalleled in their technical perfection.

Just as we attempt to mirror the aesthetic and technical perfection of a galaxy, so do we operate as a galaxy does - as a sum of autonomous yet closely interconnected parts. We strongly believe that autonomous creative vision is central to generating the breakthroughs that can make us true game-changers. But at the same time, our organisation moves together as a whole, never stationary, always looking for new connections and partnerships, powered by our credo: ACT (Autonomy, Creativity, Technology).

Our vision is to be a provider of sustainable, innovative and affordable techno-logical solutions for the ever changing global landscape

Our mission is to be one of the most recognized players in the Information Technology arena of Sri Lanka in the next 5 years, with that being said, we hope to achieve that by being a major contributor and enabler to the current IT infrastructure by maximizing collaborations with foreign projects, develop sustainable and cost effective solutions through the wide array of digital creativity and innovation

We dare to go beyond the stars and the unseen

Our team

As a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds, we cover vast domains of knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, we form a stable, inter-connected core from which we branch out to incorporate additional expertise and experience through the diverse networks we possess in key sectors such as IT, hospitality, and education.

Our clients

From our base of operations in Colombo, our reach extends to the farthest and remotest regions of Sri Lanka. With a good number of our clients being based in the hospitality industry, and given the tourism boom overtaking our nation, we are privileged to have clients and partners in emerging as well as flourishing tourist hotspots in the country. We strive to serve a wide variety of clients, ranging from small family-run operations to corporate giants.

Our Services

Night Sky Web

We at NightSky-Web offer intriguing yet state of the art web designs and solutions to our customers which suit their desires, thus allowing us to captivate their vision & dream and portraying it in the best possible manner over the digital atmosphere, which in return caterers beyond the expectations of their intended customers.

“Our main motto of practice here at NightSky-Web is simplicity with a hint of class which is the epitome to wider pathways and magnificent views”

Night Sky Apps

We at NightSky-App strive to offer the rising Sri Lankan app market and the International arena with new un-imagined, out of the box app solutions to the common public and for corporate clients. Which will help users to achieve what they intend to achieve “On-The-Go”. Our app solutions are new and completely different from the common breed of apps that linger in the app stores. Our capabilities and services vary from small mobile projects to simple app solutions to even complex projects.

“Our Core motto of practice in NightSky-App is Uniqueness in its own threshold”

Night Sky Write

We’ve all heard that the pen is mightier than the sword. But in today’s competitive corporate world, the pen is the sword. It is clear, accurate and stylistically flawless content that lends any modern business a strategic advantage over its competitors and makes it a true corporate giant.

At Night Sky Write, we firmly believe in turning your content into a potent weapon that captures the hearts and minds of your clients. We provide an extensive range of creative and dynamic content solutions for both corporate and individual requirements.

Night Sky Travels and Tours

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Anderson

At Night Sky Travels, we take that quote very seriously. We are here to take care of the details so that you truly get to live when you travel. We offer an extensive range of travel, tourism and logistic services suiting the requirements of both the individual and the corporate traveller. More information on our tour packages and transport services will be available soon on our website.

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